How to use OwlCalc

1.1 What's it about?

It is an ability damage calculator that calculates the potential damage you can do. The calculator ignores parameters such as hitchance, dodge, speed, bonus effects, etc. - it is only about damage.

1.2 Overview

1.3 Additional Notes

The Damage Dealer Pet (on the left) can only use the Beast, Dragonkin, Undead or Aquatic racial. All other breeds have no effect on the damage.

Lightning Ticks are not implemented. Reason: Lightning Ticks can be affected by damage effects and that depends on who used Call Lightning. This means a huge overhead for the UI. Also, Lightning Ticks have a lot of exceptions and I don't want my brain to explode ;)

Pet import: All imported pets are rare (blue) and level 25.

A | B => it's the potential damage! The result can be A or B or A + B

A or B => Does what it says, it's A or B